How to Rent a Home on Craigslist

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How to Rent a Home on Craigslist

How to Rent a Home on Craigslist

Craigslist provide one of the largest property market on the internet. This is vivid from their 700 local sites which receive an approximate page views of more than 50 billion people per month. With this number, you can’t expect everything to be legit thus; if you want to rent a house on Craigslist, you need to be cautious about this particular aspect. There are people who’ve lost a lot of money by trusting some of these ads and going ahead to seal the deal without ascertaining that they are dealing with genuine individuals.

How do you identify that the listing is not a scam?

You cannot use a single parameter to determine that an ad about a property is a scam. You need to analyze a number of factors such as how the advert has been tailored, how the content has been presented and the reality in the entire content. There are people who have formed the habit of putting adverts of fictional homes with an intention of stealing other people’s identity. There are certain factors that you need to consider in such circumstances:

Photos; people tend to forget the importance of photos in an advert involving homes. A serious seller will actually try to be as comprehensive as possible by availing all the intricate details about the home he/she’s planning to rent. As one might try to use all manner of words to describe the property, there should be an image to confirm all these features. This does not imply that all ads about a property which lack a photo them they should be classified as scam. However, it is justifiable to avoid such adverts. After all, why should you avoid including the photos on your advert?

Name; take for instance, your client responds with an email or name which reads like “nhydratyfcr”; this is a real indication of an individual who could be using auto generated emails. You should avoid them as plague since you’re likely to be dealing with a fraudster.

Information; this could be a broader perspective however; you need to be cautious about: people who are not willing to give you comprehensive information about your queries; they’re ever evading your main concern; they only talk about the good things about the property you don’t have a rough idea about; they are ever trying to get your debit or credit card information. You need to trust your instincts. If it tells you that something is not right; do not hesitate to seek clarification.

Factors to consider when placing an advertisement for renting a house on Craigslist

Craigslist has been optimized for local searches. This gives people living with a certain locality an opportunity to reach out to new customers who may be interested in purchasing a property.  There are a number of steps you need to consider when it comes to posting an advert and they include:

Step 1; you need to familiarize yourself with the process involved in posting adverts on Craigslist. It is one of the simplest processes considering that Craigslist is one the easy to use websites on the internet. Since there has been an increase in the number of scams and spams more so when it comes to property advertisement; there are simple rules and regulations that you have to follow. These rules conform to the guidelines which have been stipulated by various real estate regulatory bodies and associations such as the American Apartment Owners Association.

Step 2; you need to organize all the information you would wish your targeted audience to get. This include all the details about the property which may include vivid pictures and descriptions. It should give the reader a clear picture of the property you would wish to sell. Most sellers will tend to ignore adverts with choppy information. The best way to go about this process is simply by putting yourself in the shoes of the buyer. What are some of the information you’d have wished to now concerning the house. This information should be factual and informative.

Step 3; provide all the valid information. This should not be an auto generated types of contact information. Remember, it should be realistic since it will give all your customers the confidence of doing business with you. In addition to this; you should indicate an exact location of where the property is actually located. In addition to this; you should do market research as well so that you should be able to set a realistic price.

Step 4; be prepared to contact your customers. Moreover, you should be ready to show the house. You should only respond to those emails which seem realistic but not with crazy names and characters. Be keen to engage only serious persons since some may be around just to waste your time yet, they are not interested.

Step 4; the internet has so many users and you can be sure of what intentions somebody has for renting your house. Since this property is yours and you should be aware of any suspicious activities going on; it is important that you request for legal documents such as passport or drivers license. You can go as far trying to verify the individuals’ criminal record just to be certain that you don’t harbor a criminal in your apartment. The state officials and local authorities can help you to get some useful information concerning this.

Are you in a position to tell whether the individual has a good financial record or not? Do not rent a home for any person you meet on Craigslist if you’re not sure of his or financial record. He/she could be one of those people who has been evicted severally. In fact such individuals have incredible deals to offer. They can even offer to pay upfront only to bring you trouble thereafter.  The renting process should have an agreement which is legally binding. This will smoothen any transition process more so when one wishes to leave the home after the agreed time frame. Normally, it should feature the condition in which you expect your house after his/her tenure.